EMOOCs2016 Conf. Soon to launch


The EMOOCs2016 conference is going soon to open its doors to participants who submitted their contributions back on October 2015 and to all who is interested about MOOCs and distance learning.

Located in Graz, Austria, there will be over 150 attendees, speakers, and presenters.

In my personal opinion, I think the conference would be pretty good for some reasons:

  1. Its happening in Graz, Austria. A nice city, peaceful people here and hopefully a good weather.
  2. with the largest percentage attendees from Europe, the conference also welcomes participants from other regions of the world: southern America, USA, Japan and Middle east.
  3. a very interesting FLIPPed MOOC panel. Chocolate for questioners, Twitter wall, 3×3 PechKucha presentation theme, 2-hours discussions in the beautiful Aula hall.
  4. Two dinners. Formal and welcome.
  5. Proceedings available 10 days prior to the conference.Website
  6. 300-400 euros fees. i think its reasonable with such services
  7. Bus-Tour around Graz

Hopefully on 22nd.Feb everything would be great. a great venue for a conference, topics and discussion.


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