Pickpocketed in Istanbul and stuck for 20 days

For people who ask what was your adventure during your holiday? I would say, it was horrible. I was completely out of luck when my wallet was stolen by a young girl in one of Istanbul trams.

The story began when I was helping my child’s stroller to get into the tram and one young lady helped me..the doors of the tram were closing and then she ran away quickly before it was completely closed..I then checked my pocket and realized it was stolen. I was pickpocketed the following:

  1. Bank card (lucky that my wife card was hidden somewhere else)
  2. Me, wife, and my child holland residence permit cards. (this is horrible)
  3. my driving license (horrible as well)
  4. my car registration card ( i was stupid)
  5. 300 Norwegian Krone, 180 Turkish lira (maybe around 70 euros or so)
  6. other stuff

I called the Dutch embassy right away to ask about what to do. Again, i was unlucky, since it was 30.December (Saturday), the 247 customer service told me, you need to wait till 02.Jan and apply for what is called “Return visa”. I thought this would be fast, but, it took 14 calendar days to get this stamp on our passports! can you imagine?

I won’t talk more about this, because its a nightmare, even by writing the story!




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