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Last updated: June 2016

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I am a Ph.D. candidate at the Educational Technology Department, Graz University of Technology, Graz, Austria. My main research study area is about Learning Analytics and Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), with the supervision of Dr. Martin Ebner.
My research aims at Technology Enhanced Learning in General. While the major focus is on the practices of Learning Analytics in MOOCs. In details, my doctorate study is about the integration of Learning Analytics applications in MOOC platforms and how can Learning Analytics improve learning from the learners’ point of view (will they learn more often?) and the administration point of view (How’s the courses are performing?), taking into account the ethical and privacy factors of the data analysis. Our development phases and experiments are done on the iMooX® platform.
The following, is a word cloud of common terminologies I used in publications:


My current duties are exploring and examining the log traces and interactions of students in the iMooX platform. I am doing different responsibilities such as processing the extracted data from the log files, tidying the data, grouping and classifying data indices and report statistical and meaningful results.
I already visualized various MOOC indicators, based on big data, in order to improve the design, learning, and the environment of the MOOC-platform as well as to support proper determinations which are usually taken by the higher decision-makers. One of my goals is to present a nice, colorful, meaningful and simple visualization of educational data.
If you did not browse my publications, then you can find some of the visualizations here. Proudly said, these are some of my works dealing with the educational data or customized:

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As an end of the story here, I also got my Master degree in Computer Security and Digital Criminology in 2014. My bachelor degree was received in 2009 in Computer Science. I gained both degrees from PSUT, Amman, Jordan.

Mohammad Khalil


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